Preparing for Your Tan

Tanning solutions absorb into nourished skin more than dry skin.  Moisturizing your skin the days leading up to your tan will help you tan maintain color longer.  You do not want to use any lotions or oils on the day of your tan since it can act like a barrier for the solution.

Before your tan it is best to shower, exfoliate and shave to prep the skin.  There should be no product on your skin before your appointment (lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays, makeup, etc.).  Baby wipes and makeup remover will be available as needed.

During Your Tan

Our tanning specialist will be airbrushing your tan onto your body.  You will have a private area to change/undress and during your appointment.  Men are to wear swim trunks.  Women can choose to dress down to however they are comfortable; swimsuits, bra and underwear or less. 

After Your Tan

Following your tan you will appear to be very dark, this is not the final color.  It is best to wear dark loose clothing after your tan.  You will shower 1-3 hours after your appointment depending on how dark you want your tan to be.  When showering, the solution will be washed away and it will appear that you have gone back to your original color.  Do not use any soap during this shower, it could interrupt the development process. The color is still developing and will appear darker over the course of 8-10 hours.

Prolonging Your Tan

Moisturizing after your first shower and daily will prolong the life of your tan.  Hot tubs and working out can cause your tan to fade faster.