We have a variety of services to help you find love!  Below are our most common packages.  If you don’t find one that suits you, we may be able to custom design something that fits best.  

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Our in-house fashion and style experts recommend on-trend options and provide personal wardrobe consulting, shopping services and more to assist clients in mirroring the image of their ideal match.

Package Includes:

  • Overall Image Evaluation 
  • Closet Consult - In home wardrobe assessment and consultation
  • Personal Shopping - up to 3 hours

*Optional Skincare/Makeup for Women

"I was very impressed with my stylist, the company, and the many resources they have for dating. They don't just focus on finding your perfect match. They focus on making sure you're ready to find your perfect match. They are a classy company who takes genuine concern for their clients well being.  The stylist I worked with made me feel amazing and helped me pick flattering outfits that increased my confidence and flirtatious ways! They are very professional. I have already recommended them to a few friends.

-Lindsay, San Diego

“After meeting with the online dating consultant and having her change my profile (and paradigm), one year later I am engaged :). You guys rock!!! You seriously changed my life and I credit your company for finding my match. So incredibly happy!”

-Sara, Salt Lake City



Skeptical about Online Dating? Our track record speaks for itself! Most clients we assist with online dating end up in a relationship in 3-6 months.  Our experts will  create a personalized profile and meet with you to develop an online strategy to find and attract your ideal match.

Package Includes:

  1. Profile created by professional writer + 2 sessions with our Online Dating Strategy Consultant. 

  2. Photography Package

    • Professional photos coordinated and managed by TLM Team

    • Hair, clothing and/or makeup consultation prior to photos. 

    • 10 retouched photos

  3. 4 weeks of online dating concierge service  

“I hired The LDS Matchmaker to help me create and manage my online dating since I didn’t have much of my own time to invest in the search. It didn’t take long before I had lots of options of beautiful women who had expressed an interest in me. After sending a few messages back and forth on the site I met an amazing girl (who later became my wife). I’m eternally grateful to The LDS Matchmaker for their amazing, talented and caring team of experts who know how to get results!”

-Spencer, Salt Lake City


Step one to having a winning online profile is having photos that flatter. Our experts advise you before, during, and after your photo session with hands-on advice about hair, makeup, and wardrobe so you’ll look and feel confident in your new images.

Our award-winning photographers specialize in creating appealing photos specifically for online dating. Expert body positioning and the ability to highlight your natural expressions and personality are what make our client photos attractive online.


  • Professional photos coordinated and managed by The LDS Matchmaker Team
  • Hair clothing and/or makeup consultation prior to photos
  • 10 Retouched Digital Images

“Wow, the photos you took for me are really working! I have at least 20 new messages every time I check. I can't keep up! Aaaaaand- not saying I've already found 'the one’, but I stayed up until 1 a.m. talking with someone. That hasn't happened since college! Thank you again for your help!”

-Amy, Phoenix 




Suddenly at a loss for words describing yourself online? You’re not alone if you feel unsure about what to say. Our professional writer has more than 10 years of experience working with clients to craft fun and interesting personality descriptions that get responses. Clients say our profiles generate 10 times more messages and conversations than when they did it alone.


  • Profile created by professional writer
  • 2 sessions with Online Dating Strategist to ensure a transformational online experience

"I am using the LDS Matchmaker to create and manage my online dating. They are AWESOME. They know what they are doing, committed to getting me married and are very thorough and diligent in their work. They take this very seriously and have saved me so much time and pain by helping me maximize my online dating. I'm looking forward to being their next success story!”

-Liz, Las Vegas

"This is the perfect service for me in my life right now. Part of its perfection is because the staff are so professional, encouraging, and positive. They are honest and open, and help me to see how I can improve myself and share who I really am in the most effective way."

-Abi, Midvale



if YOU:

  • Want to jumpstart your dating life and clear obstacles standing in the way of your success
  • Enjoy personalized attention customized for your situation

  • Want to implement new strategies quickly and effectively                           


Program includes:

  • Gender specific coaching materials

  • 6 weekly sessions with topics customized to your most relevant needs. Topics include Gender Intelligence, Flirting Techniques,Online Dating, Relationship Advice, Practice Dates, Confidence Building and more! 

“Over the weeks and months since I first met my future wife, I became enamored with her and believed I was falling in love but this caused me serious anxiety.  I had huge reservations about being in a committed relationship that was headed toward marriage.  My dating coach helped me talk through everything and I realized that I couldn’t let fear hold me back from what I really wanted. After working through my reservations and fear of commitment - we jumped in with both feet and started our eternal family in January 2014 in the Salt Lake Temple! I’ve been happier every day since I married the girl of my dreams.”

- Chad, South Jordan


 IF you:

  • Want to delve deeper into the nuances that make successful dating difficult for you personally

  • Feel like you you've tried everything and want a trusted advisor to help direct your approach and mindset for dating

  • Believe in the power of goal setting and accountability


  • Gender specific coaching materials

  • 13 weekly sessions with topics customized to your most relevant needs. Topics include Gender Intelligence, Flirting Techniques,Online Dating, Relationship Advice, Practice Dates, Confidence Building and more! 

"I got sick and tired of people telling me what a great guy I was and having not so great success with the ladies. Fortunately with the help of their coaching program, the tables have turned! Sparing the details, there has been a palpable transformation in my life. Not only my have my skills blossomed, but my confidence has been bolstered significantly. It has felt like the whole team has been on my side from the get go. Their advice has been spot on while giving it in a caring way. Thank You!! "

-Tim, Lehi