Our efforts in personal matchmaking and coaching have resulted in 25 engagements since April of 2013, as well as numerous exclusive relationships. Our team has assisted hundreds of LDS Singles to find lasting love. 

Below are a few of their stories.

The LDS Matchmaker placed us together. We then met on a sunny day on the beach - she was wearing a coat and I had an umbrella, we were both sun intolerant. We laughed and realized we were perfect for each other. What a wonderful way to start a life.


Mark and Darlene Wangsgaard


60% of our “Exclusive Event” attendees meet someone they want to date.

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Personal Coaching

Utah’s Matchmaker and partners have assisted hundreds of LDS singles in finding lasting love.

We personally meet with and recommend candidates for our clients, who report 100% higher satisfaction over Internet dating.

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We met and fell in love through the LDS Matchmaker

““I Love Mark! I would have never thought such an amazing guy would fall in love with me. It’s been a fairytale experience for me.””

— Marks Wife

* Over 50% of our clients live outside of Utah.