Matchmaking Programs

Personal Matchmaking is an investment in your future happiness and is one of the most efficient, enjoyable way to accelerate your results in finding your ideal match. We have many many success stories  - you can read about some of them HERE. While the beginnings of our business and a good portion of our success has come from actually setting people up on dates through personal matchmaking, the other services we offer have proven to be equally and in some cases more successful, depending on the individual. For this reason, we start with an evaluation to determine together what is best for you.

If you've never investigated the matchmaking industry, you may be surprised to learn that most companies have pricing that ranges from $25,000 to $100,000 for a 6 to 12 month program! HOWEVER, at The LDS Matchmaker, we are pleased to report that our innovative approach to service delivery and pricing has received international recognition by the Matchmaking Institute. Our programs start at $3,997 and go up based on client preferences and the level of service required. The first step to starting a program and exploring options is to schedule a launch appointment shown HERE.


Diversified Dating Portfolio

Starts at $3,997

Perfect if you:

  • Want to expand your dating efforts.
  • Wish to rapidly improve your romantic life and remove barriers.
  • Are ready to make it happen with a team of trusted love experts.

Service Includes:

Up to 5 date Set-ups or a combination of the following options:

  • Matchmaking
  • Online Dating
  • Coaching
  • Styling
  • Photos
  • Personalized Dating Strategy Sessions

*The first step to qualify for this program is a Dating Strategy Kick Off Session or a Matchmaking Evaluation, depending on the focus of services. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE


VIP Full Service

*starts at $3500 monthly

Perfect if you:

  • Have particular preferences and are interested in dating a narrow range of individuals.
  • Wish to receive preferential treatment.
  • Are ready to do whatever it takes to find love!

Service Includes:

  • Your own personal, dedicated Matchmaker.
  • Weekly personalized leads and matches.
  • Online dating Concierge service.
  • Strategy and Coaching services.
  • Professional photoshoot and styling.

*The first step to qualify for this program is a VIP Matchmaking Evaluation. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

Al a Carte Dates


Perfect if you:

  • Are looking to supplement your own dating pool with personal matchmaking.
  • Enjoy personalized attention customized to your situation.
  • Desire a more efficient, enjoyable, and quality dating experience.

Service Includes:

  • Al a carte date Set-ups based on your personal preferences.
  • Dating Strategy Session.

*The first step to qualify for this program is a  Matchmaking Evaluation. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

*Evaluation required prior to engaging in Matchmaking Program.  Set-ups with potential matches begin after a matchmaking program is selected.