PERSONAL Matchmaking

Anyone can join our free database to be considered for dates with our clients!  While we cannot guarantee dates for free database members, we welcome you, with your unique gifts and experiences, to our ever increasing dating pool. And while you're here, explore our website. Have a look at the innovative and effective services we offer. Check out our success stories. And who knows? You might find exactly what been searching for! 

When you're ready, hire a matchmaker and get personalized attention from our team. A private Matchmaking Evaluation is required to determine which programs will help you the most and identify what kind of person you want to meet.  


During your private consultation with our Matchmakers you will receive: 

  • Clarity and confidence about how matchmaking will create a more efficient, desirable dating experience for you
  • Presentation of 15-20 potential matches aligned with your dating  preferences (set ups with potential matches begin after launching a matchmaking program)
  • An innovative plan for finding & keeping your ideal match


  • The  matchmaking team evaluates the client's desires and preferences outlined in the Matchmaking Evaluation meeting and advises on a plan and programs for which the client is eligible.  *Investment for paid matchmaking after the Matchmaking Evaluation typically ranges from $1000+ depending on the details of your search.
  • The LDS Matchmaker team searches, screens and recommends matches, while providing insight and strategy to increase the client’s ability to attract the person they want to be with.  
  • The client always decides if an introduction to a potential match is right for them. 
  • When there is mutual interest in a date, the Matchmaker sets up a fun, no-pressure first date.
  • After the date, the client and date share confidential feedback with The Matchmaker to facilitate additional connections and refine the search.

"I was single until I was 32 years old and I was so frustrated whenever a relationship wouldn't work out. I never understood why every person I dated would start out strong and then quickly fizzle out. I didn't think I needed a matchmaker because I dated so much but it was so much more than just setting me up. They helped me realize things I needed to change first & once I did I had much more success. I'm now married to the love of my life & I truly don't think that it would have happened without their help.”

Eric - Draper

“My divorce left me single with four kids.  I loved being married and didn’t feel like I could hold on much longer by myself.  I went to church sponsored events looking for women I might be interested in, but never found anyone that fit with me.  I looked up the LDS Matchmaker’s website and filled out the online form.  The first woman they set me up with was Natalie. She was also the last woman they set me up with!  We’ve now been married almost 2 years!”

-Scott, West Jordan