Join us for a complimentary women's seminar!

Saturday, October 24th

4 to 6:30 p.m.

at the Jordan Commons Event Center - 9400 State Street Sandy, UT


This seminar is for women who:

·     have not yet found the Love of their Life, and may feel a little (or a lot) stuck

·     want to discover the common dating pitfalls that hold them back from True Love, so they can avoid the traps and see new actions for attracting love

·     haven’t found their ideal partner and don’t know why. Whether they’ve been too picky and no one is showing up, OR they have found themselves settling for someone who is not truly their match

·     who doubt or blame themselves for previous failed relationships, wonder what they could’ve/should’ve done differently, OR do relationships on his terms, putting her needs/wants second.

·     are wondering if True Love is still possible for them

If you can relate to any of the points listed above, this is your chance to engage in an exciting process to make this YOUR year to find love!!

Pre-register here to receive a *free ticket:

*Tickets are $20 at the door for those who do not pre-register.

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