Executive Matchmaking: 

A premiere fee-based service offered only to discerning clients wishing to streamline the dating process and invest in their future. 

Our executive search techniques and professional vision assist clients in achieving relationship goals more efficiently and effectively than leaving things to chance.

Clients utilizing the Executive Matchmaking package love our personalized approach for bringing them directly to quality dates.

To see if you’re a candidate for our Executive Matchmaking service click HERE to schedule a Dating Strategy Session with one of our amazing Dating Strategists!



  1. Our experts learn client’s desires and preferences in a mate and act as a personal dating recruiter. 
  2. The LDS Matchmakers search, screen and recommend matches while providing insight to increase the client’s ability to attract the person they want to be with.  
  3. The client always decides if an Introduction to a potential match is right for them. 
  4. When there is mutual interest in a date, the Matchmaker sets up a fun, no-pressure first date.
  5. After the date, the client and date share confidential feedback with The Matchmaker to facilitate additional connections and refine the search.