Erin Schurtz 

VP of client and community relations

I am passionate about helping single LDS people find love, especially at a later stage of life since I found love at the ripe "old" age of 32.

During my single years I experienced a lot of anxiety and pressure related to finding "the one" and I think a lot of singles feel this way in our family-centric culture. I didn't feel like I fit into a Family Ward once I graduated from the Single's Ward, and I lost my identity for a while.  

It took some major self-realization and dating coaching to get me on track in order to create lasting connections and find love when I met my husband.  Together we enjoy a healthy, loving relationship as a result of that coaching.  We have a darling 1-year old daughter now and a baby boy on the way -- due May 2015!

I’m driven to help other singles overcome the similar obstacles I went through while dating because I want everyone to experience the fulfillment that a good relationship can bring.

I have a degree from Brigham Young University in History and Spanish and a career background in business and communications. I focus my efforts on dating coaching, media inquiries, social media, and production of The LDS Bachelorette.