Dating with Confidence: 

Mindsets for Relationship Success


Discover how to reframe your relationship mindset and date with confidence!

 Seminar Series: Monday Evenings Jan 8 - Feb 12 & 26; 7-8:30 pm in Sandy, Utah

*Video conference options available for those outside of Utah. Contact us for more details at:


Discover how to reframe your relationship mindset and date with confidence at our new seminar series in Sandy, Utah. Learn to challenge the assumptions that may be preventing you from the relationship success you want and bring a new you to your dating life in the New Year.

  • 7 Seminar Sessions filled with expert presentations, designed to shift ineffective mindsets that may be holding you back and strengthen your relationship skills
  • For LDS Singles, men and women
  • Diverse panel of speakers for a well-rounded view on revamping your love life.

Grounded in research and full of practical tips, this seminar series will bring a holistic approach to your dating strategy. You will be introduced to valuable insights and ways of of thinking that can help you bring your best self to the dating scene this year.

Seminar Schedule

  • Jan 29: Creating Your Personal Image by Alicia Richmond
    • What is your personal image? What non-verbal impressions are you giving to those you want to date? How can you create deeper emotional connections and get more interest from the opposite sex? Walk away with new insights about visual communication clues and actionable styling tips to play up your strengths and bring out your best features.
  • Jan 8: The Science of Attraction by Dr. Brian Willoughby
    • While attraction may seem as simple as desiring another person, the root of this attraction is much more complicated. What role should basic attraction play in pursuing a relationship? What roles do biology and culture play in determining your romantic attraction? Learn insightful truths, grounded in research, on what drives attraction for men and women. Come to understand why you are attracted to some people more than others and how you can use that knowledge to make dating more fulfilling.
  • February 5: Reframing Past Experiences to Build Emotional Intimacy by Allison Mangrum
    • Relationships are the foundation of our lives, but so often they leave us feeling confused or hurt. These experiences can impact your attitude, motivations, and overall approach to dating. Learn to identify, reframe, and constructively work through past disappointments to create the positivity and vulnerability needed for healthy emotional connection.
  • Jan 15: LDS Dating Myths Debunked by Dr. Brian Willoughby 
    • Discover the LDS cultural narratives that can contribute to your dating challenges.  Debunk common myths about what role God plays in leading you to a spouse and ways to know if a relationship is “right”.  Learn how to deal with uncertainty and doubt in the dating process, increase your knowledge of the role of personal agency, and better understand God’s timing in the search for your eternal companion.
  • Feb 12: Sex and Science: What you need to know to have the family you really want. by Dr. Andrew Moore
    • Most singles who have not yet had children are very concerned about being able to have this opportunity and weight this factor heavily in evaluating potential dating options. Statistics show that about 10 percent of couples struggle to conceive and although Infertility is often considered a “female problem”, up to half of all cases have a male component. With all of these factors to consider, many couples are making their dreams come true through innovative advances in the medical field. . Gain a clearer understanding of fertility, and quiet the fears that may be negatively impacting your dating life.

  • Jan 22: Diversified Dating by Amy Stevens Seal
    • Take a close look at your dating strategy. Are you making smart investments of time and efforts in your romantic life? What methods are you using to meet potential dates? What are you ruling out? Learn how to broaden your dating strategies, shake up your habits, and increase your chances of finding your match.
  • February 26: BONUS SEMINAR - by Alisa Snell
    • Seminar Topic to be revealed next week.


Our Presenters


Brian Willoughby

Dr. Brian Willoughby is an incredible presenter and an established authority in long-term couple and marital relationships. After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology (BYU), he went on to receive a master's and doctoral degree in Family Social Science (University of Minnesota). Dr. Willoughby’s research and writing on couples dynamics, sexuality, and marriage has been published in top academic journals, and both national print and online media outlets. He is currently a professor at BYU and Director of their RELATE Institute.

Amy Stevens Seal

Amy is the founder and CEO of the leading LDS matchmaking company, The LDS Matchmaker®. She has a proven track record of leveraging social networks and innovative courtship strategies to bring couples together. With an EMBA from BYU and an extensive background in executive recruiting - she is a master at understanding search criteria and preferences to help you find your match. Amy incorporates proven recruiting and strategy techniques to assist her clients in their journey to lasting love.

Alicia Richmond

Alicia is wardrobe stylist and TV personality, has spent the last 15 years traveling around the world to transform the closets (and self-image) of thousands of people like you. Alicia can can help you create a powerful, personal image, understand what colors communicate about you, and how to avoid “habit dressing” to be more mindful of the impressions you give. With years of experience in the fashion industry, Alicia understands that the clothes you wear can be an extension of how you feel about yourself. She works within real budgets to build flattering wardrobes that highlight your best features, so you can make lasting impressions with confidence.


Dr. Andrew Moore

Dr. Moore has dedicated his career to helping families grow. As a highly trained Reproductive Endocrinologist, he has received many clinical, research and teaching awards. Dr. Moore received his medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts. He is double-board certified in Infertility and OB/GYN and currently works at Reproductive Care Center and was previously on faculty at the University of Utah School of Medicine.



allison mangrum copy.jpg

Allison Mangrum

Allison is an expert in helping rehabilitate the body, mind and spirit. As a certified renowned yoga instructor and Doctor of Physical Therapy, her work on the body, understanding of the mind, and life experiences have a profound impact on her patients. Ali has a unique ability to help others heal from loss and heartbreak and live a healthier, happier life. Her work and insights have assisted many in moving forward and proactively achieve their goals and dreams.