How to make sparks fly on the 4th of July

How to make sparks fly on the 4th of July—Tips to creating your summer romance

Summer brings all kinds of fun events. There are places to go and things to do, but it’s always more fun to go on the arm of someone special. 

If you’re looking to put some romance into your summer happenings, here’s a little advice and some ideas to feel sparks this fireworks season.  

Advice from the Matchmaker

In order to makes sparks fly, most people need to be a little more bold. Don’t be afraid to go after the things you want. Be deliberate in creating appealing social situations for yourself. 

You have nothing to lose. You’re already, NOT in a relationship. Let this summer be the summer of boldness. Treat this as the beginning of the end, your last summer of singleness. 

It’s perfectly okay to invite new people to do fun things.  Everyone loves an invitation for summer fun.  You’ll have a great time meeting people and developing casual acquaintances into something more. 

Date/Party ideas from the Matchmaker

Take a fireworks run to Evanston. If you’re in Utah, you know all the good stuff is in Evanston.  More important than the fireworks, you’ll have an uninterrupted 90-minute drive to get to know your passenger, both ways. 

Single out the person you’ve had your eye on for the last several months and ask them to join you. Road trips are often the catalyst in starting great, long lasting relationships.

Get high for the fireworks. Take advantage of the topography around you.  Organize a fun group or just one person you’d like to know better. Hike or drive to a great view point to watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

This can be done any summer night.  When you’re above the valley floor you’ll see fireworks shows going across the valley all summer long. The main idea is to be next to someone you want to get to know better.

Plan a memorable summer barbeque. Anyone can throw a backyard barbeque, but the Matchmaker knows presentation matters when you’re trying to make an impression. 

Channel your inner Martha Stewart and tone your gathering up a notch. String up some twinkle lights or tiki-torches to set the mood. There are a million backyard barbeque ideas on Pinterest. Pick an idea and run with it.

Rather than sitting across from the person you’re most interested in, sit next to them.  It’s easier to feel sparks when there isn’t a physical barrier between you.  Plan an easy-to-eat, light menu since the main event is getting to know your guests.

Make old fashioned homemade Ice Cream.  Invite a group over to make homemade ice cream.  Give ingredient assignments so guests feel included and obligated to come on time. You want to spend plenty of time together.

While your ice cream mixes, resurrect some old fashioned games from your childhood like spin the bottle, sardines or any other game that puts you in close proximity.  Get close, laugh and have fun doing something slightly out of the ordinary.

Mock tails and camp chairs. Never underestimate the sophistication of plastic stemware, camp chairs and your favorite tropical concoction.  Invite your special guest or guests over for an evening in a camp chair on the patio sipping tropical drinks and having great conversation.  

If you’re not a mock tail maker, just hit up the drink mixers at the grocery store. They’re easy to make.  Pina Colada, Margarita or Mojito, it doesn’t really matter.  Don’t forget your blue tooth speaker to set the mood with music. 

It’s great to skate. If you’re like most people, you haven’t hit the skating rink since junior high. On Friday and Saturday night after the kid’s curfew, it turns into adult-night with all the same fun you remember as a kid, including couples skate! ;). 

Take this opportunity to smile and laugh while creating fun memories with your new friends.

If you’re not great on skates you can rent rollerblades, razor scooters or just look great moving and grooving on sidelines. Don’t forget to post a few photos.  Your stock goes higher when people see you having fun.  They’ll want to be with you next time.


The LDS Matchmaker specializes in helping singles identify and overcome obstacles that have kept them from finding lasting love. Dating experts provide insight, ideas and specialized services that help clients make progress toward making marriage a reality.  If you’re ready to discuss how to get your love life headed in the right direction, schedule a Dating Strategy Session with The LDS Matchmaker. Contact us at or by calling 801-495-1000.  Access our online calendar here.

Why the ideal of your father might be tainting your dating pool

Father’s Day is a time to reflect and celebrate the men who influence and have shaped our lives.

As single women, many of us are searching for a guy who can hold a candle to some of these special men. Having standards and specific criteria are important tools in dating and eventual mate selection.

It’s possible however, that some of these ideals could be stifling your search to find your perfect partner.

Seeking specific traits belonging to these ideal men might be blinding us from relationships that could be right for us in time if we made an investment getting to know them.

After a recent interview for the What Your Mother Wants You To Know About Dating article created by The LDS Matchmaker, one of the sources, a mother of six, married for 45 years shared her insight on this topic.

“I know many, many women are waiting for someone who has the characteristics they admire in their father or other men in their life.  What they need to realize is that the men they idealize were NOT ideal when they were in the dating pool,” Darla Wardle said.

“I saw a lot of potential in my husband when we met in the 60’s. I knew he had a lot to learn and obvious problems to overcome. Even though I had concerns, I continued to get to know him.  We dated for more than a year and eventually fell in love, even though neither of us was perfect.

After 45 years of marriage, six kids and decades of church service, we’re both much better people and spouses than we were when we met.” Darla said.

The direction from this interview with a woman of such life-experience is to allow yourself to see past some of the imperfections of those you come across. Look into the future of what could-be if you didn’t immediately disqualify him for reasons that are fixable with time.

From a matchmaker’s perspective, there are countless great men with a lot of potential in the singles world. Many of them have not figured out exactly where they are going, or how to get there, but that doesn’t mean they won’t arrive.  With support and love in their life, they’re more likely to transition into the person with whom you’ve dreamed of building a life.

This Father’s Day look around at the men in your dating pool.  Take a risk and allow yourself the opportunity to get to know someone who may not possess all the qualities you’re seeking, but could someday if you’d given him the chance.  


The LDS Matchmaker specializes in helping singles identify and overcome obstacles that have kept them from finding lasting love. Dating experts provide insight, ideas and specialized services that help clients make progress toward making marriage a reality.  If you’re ready to discuss how to get your love life headed in the right direction, schedule a Dating Strategy Session with The LDS Matchmaker. Contact us at or by calling 801-495-1000.  Access our online calendar here.

7 Secrets to Making this Your Last Huntington Beach Conference

As my plane takes off for the LA airport, I can’t help but reflect on the many trips I have taken to attend the Huntington Beach Conference and many other singles events over the past 12+ years. This is the first time I am going as a married woman – ok, I’m not actually attending the conference itself but will be on the beach mingling with awesome singles to find great matches for my clients. 

Because I spent so many years navigating “the scene”, experienced multiple heartbreaks, divorce and even a cancer diagnosis along the way, I feel that I can offer a unique perspective to others who are in the midst of finding or continuing joy along the journey to finding their ideal match.

Over 1500 singles will emerge on the beach over the next few days.  The first timers come with high hopes, cautious optimism and/or perhaps some fear as you embark on this adventure.  Returning attendees, have a wide range of experiences attending other events and may be returning with excitement for reconnecting with old friends and anticipation of meeting new faces or perhaps even rekindling a previous flame.  Many register well in advance and plan details of their trip to make the most of their time, while some wait until the last minute, not wanting to appear too eager or available. 

Whatever you are feeling at this time is perfectly ok, normal and very familiar to many others who are in your same situation.  We all tend to think no one else feels the way we do, or has the same challenges and frustrations but despite our different situations, we actually have so much in common.

Whatever your circumstance or story, there is likely at least a glimmer of hope you have in meeting someone who fits the criteria of your ideal match.  Here are my best tips as a professional matchmaker and dating coach to make the best of the conference this year:

1)   Step Away From the Crowd – if you came with a group of friends, take time to break away and meet others.  There are many intriguing singles who are attending the conference alone and would enjoy meeting a friendly face.  Even if there’s not a romantic connection, others will observe your outgoing personality. 

I met and dated people from several conferences I attended when I was single.  Each person I dated either came alone or were there with a lot of hesitation and were truly just grateful for a friendly face.  After initial introductions, we connected and ended up pursuing a dating relationship.  There were others who remained just friends but I am forever grateful to have built these relationships.

2)   Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back from the life you want. Although the last 23 years of my life have been spent in very visible, people oriented roles, I actually am very much an introvert and have battled shyness since I was a little girl.  A wise friend once counseled me to “walk through the fear” and my mantra became: “feel the fear and do it anyway”.  Following this advice has brought significant opportunities, wonderful experiences and amazing friendships. 

Don’t be afraid to touch someone on the arm and give him or her a sincere compliment and say “I’d love to see you later at the dance or dinner” or “it’s been great chatting with you, I would really enjoy seeing you again”.  What do you have to lose?  If they don’t feel the same, you will likely never see them again in the crowd of faces and even if you do, they will be flattered that you were confident enough to be genuine. 

3)   Remember What God Wants For You.  It’s easy to feel alone, forgotten, unloved or even abandoned as singles and this may translate into not feeling a connection with God.  I promise that NONE of those feelings come from God!  Remember the adversary is real and wants you to stay in discouragement and give in/up.  Satan’s best chance for ruining eternal families is to stop them from being created in the first place. 

 As the conference theme states, “Look Up”!  The Lord is there and will give you people, resources and inspiration on how to overcome the thinking errors that are bringing you down.  Here is a great resource for attacking common thinking errors - a huge epidemic plaguing our society:

 4)   Focus on What You WANT vs. what you don’t want.  So many singles give me a laundry list of things they want/need in a spouse and approach each person they meet looking for reasons to screen them out.  Too short, too old, not enough hair, lives too far away, watches R rated movies, doesn’t make enough money, too many kids, not currently temple worthy, not enough education, weird family, quirky personality trait, etc, etc. 

Focusing on what you don’t want actually attracts those qualities into your life and that is what you tend to notice in those around you.  Instead, visualize and make a list of the positive qualities that you do want, with the kind of life you envision with your future spouse. Focus on noticing those qualities in people you meet – men and women, as well as having those qualities yourself. You will be amazed at how much better you feel and how much more effective this approach is in attracting quality people to you.

5)   Pick Your Poison  - I totally get that there are marriage “must haves” and I encourage you to evaluate yours as you date to ensure that the person you end up with has the key qualities you need to create the life you want.  However, everyone has undesirable issues that are what I call “pick your poison”. 

I have my clients select one of their least desirable characteristics to give up as their “poison” of choice  - the last poison is to remain single, which is a perfectly acceptable alternative if they choose.  I understand that it’s not easy to give up anything you want in the person you have dreamed of spending your life with.  My knight in shining armor ended up being a recently divorced dad of six children. My fear almost caused me to walk away in the beginning but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to go on a few dates.  He ended up being everything I had ever hoped for in a husband and much more!  I am so grateful that a wise coach encouraged me to “stay in the game” and give him a chance ;).

6)   Consider the Upside of Long Distance Dating – I am well aware of the many downsides of dating someone in another state, or even 100 miles away from you.  However, with a little planning, effort and extra investment, you might just find that hidden gem you’ve been looking for all along.  Those living outside of Utah typically have fewer opportunities to meet great singles who share their faith and are therefore, more willing to consider your particular situation. 

You might feel like the average Joe or Jane in Utah but to someone outside, you might be very appealing.  If you live in Utah and meet someone who lives elsewhere, why not mention that you’d love to see them if they decide to visit – chances are they can find an excuse to be there and take you out.  And if you don’t live in Utah and meet someone who does (or elsewhere) – why not let them know that you are “planning a trip” to their location and would love to see them when you’re in town.  Yes, you guessed it, I also did a lot of long distance dating when I was single.  I mastered the art of cyber cuddling and fun Skype dates if you need any tips ;).

 7)   Prepare to Send the Right Signals for Attraction – you may or may not know that up to 93% of communication is nonverbal.  Wow – do you realize what this means?  You don’t have to be the life of the party or be the most articulate person in the room to stand out!  You just need to know the secrets to connecting at the subconscious level through etiquette, body language and flirting.  Many “average” looking people get more dates because they are better at these things than the most attractive people.

I have many friends who are much more physically attractive based on what society deems “hot”.  I am about as average as they come – red hair, fair skin, embarrassing rash on my neck when I get nervous . . . In spite of my limitations, when I was single, I enjoyed many great dating opportunities in part because of my ability to read and connect with the nonverbal cues from others.  It didn’t mean I could date anyone I wanted but my focused efforts typically resulted in consistently attracting great guys to date. If you’re interested in learning some great tips fast – I recommend checking out Body Language Expert, Vanessa Van Edwards:

Above all, have FUN this weekend!  I’ll be on the beach Saturday, cheering you on and if you’d like to stop by The LDS Matchmaker tent, I’ll be there with my team, ready to hear about your adventures!  We may even be doing a  drawing for some free tickets to our private, “sold out” Sunday brunch ;). 

May the odds be ever in your favor!

What your mother wants you to know about dating

When it comes to dating advice we often roll our eyes when mom gets on her soap box to dispense unsolicited guidance.  However, occasionally your maternal influences might have a pearl of wisdom that could improve your perspective on dating or even answer a prayer. 

Here’s some thoughtful dating wisdom from a Q&A a panel of moms shared with The LDS Matchmaker: 

Q: What’s your best dating advice?:

A: Throw away the list you wrote down as a teenager with everything you wanted your future spouse to be.  Look outside the box and let go of expectations. 

A: Ask yourself this important question; is he (or she) kind?  You can live a very long time with a kind man (or woman). 

A: You have to be the one, before you find the one

A: Be yourself and don’t wait for your special someone to come along and make you happy.  


Q: What would you say to someone holding high expectations but having a hard time finding the right dates?

A: It’s not fair to judge date candidates against someone like a father, mother or another person in your life you’ve put on a pedestal. It takes years of living and maturing to reach that state.  Those “ideal” men or women were probably a lot less ideal when they were dating. Find someone who has the potential to become like the person you admire. 

A: Overlook the little things.  Everyone has issues.  If you can agree on the important things, the small things become less significant.

A: There isn’t just one right person.  There are a lot of compatible matches. Don’t focus your lens so closely that you miss good people.

A: Be realistic about the options you have.  In real estate, you wouldn’t expect to move right into your dream house.  In love, you start with someone who has potential to become the person of your dreams after years together building “equity” and improving yourselves. 


Q: What would you tell someone who was shy or nervous in social settings with the opposite sex?:  

A: Speak up, smile and be brave.  Everyone is nervous in these kinds of situations. 

A: Open up your heart a little and let some words out.  Take a step out of your comfort zone.  You’ll find you can do more than you thought you could.

A: Put yourself out there so you can be found.  Your partner is just as frustrated trying to find you.  Everyone has something to offer and there is a match out there for everyone.


Q: What would you tell someone in a relationship that wasn’t progressing?:

A: If someone is not willing to commit to marriage after a reasonable amount of time, take a vacation from that relationship and see what else is out there.

A: Find someone that helps you stay motivated to make progress in your life. Be brave and try something different if what you have isn’t working. 

A: Don’t feel too disappointed if you have a lot of breakups.  Dating is a lot of trial and error to find out what is most important to you and other people. It only works out one time. 


Q: What would you tell someone who said there was no one for them to date?

A: Go to new places, try new things, make new friends. 

A: If you know every fish in the pond, find a new pond!

A: Be more open to a lot of things, but always use the spirit.


As a special Mother’s day gesture, invite your mom to lunch.  Think of some specific questions you have about your dating life and invite your mom to share her wisdom and insight.  You might find she has some answers that help.

**The LDS Matchmaker team has a proven record helping hundreds of singles just like you take advantage of new opportunities in attracting a match. If your dating methods aren’t working contact The LDS Matchmaker by phone at 801-495-1000, by email at or schedule your Dating Strategy session here.

Eight dating things you’re doing wrong—and how to attract your match

By Kristin Sokol - Director of Online Dating Strategy

If you’ve been single for a long time, you know how difficult it is to get useful feedback about what you’re doing wrong when it comes to dating. 

Your friends tell you it’s not you, it’s them.  Guess what, chances are you share some responsibility in getting it wrong when it comes to dating and attracting your match. 

Here’s a list of 8 common dating mistakes people make and how to get it right.  

1. You describe yourself more like a dog than a date

It’s very common especially for women to describe themselves more like man’s best friend than a great date or a girl or boyfriend.  If you say things like, I’m loyal, dependable and always kind, you might want to rethink your language. 

So much of dating has to do with the chase.  If you describe that the chase is already over from the second they hear about you, the opposite sex is already less interested in you.  Instead, use action words about the way you are or interesting things you do or would like to do.


2. You have terrible photos  

So many of our first or second impressions come from electronic sources.  How’s your profile photo on facebook?  Do you look your absolute best?  You should. Are your teeth white, are your clothes flattering, is your hair working for you? All these things ARE in your control. If you don’t have a photo that flatters, get one.  

How long has it been since you’ve scrolled through your own photos online?  Friends often have a tendency to tag photos that we don’t always love.  There’s a pretty good chance that the matches you’re interested in are looking you up online. Be sure you know what they might see.  Go through your social media accounts and clean up unflattering photos.


3. You’re wearing the wrong clothes

If you’ve been wearing the same clothes and shoes since your mission or college, it’s time to go shopping.  Wearing current clothes that fit well speaks volumes. 

Being well dressed says you’re a confident, mentally healthy, financially stable person who understands the world and enjoys being a part of it.  Don’t be afraid to invest in your own image.  Looking great will yield dividends in others’ admiration for a lifetime.


4. Your hairstyle (or makeup) is having a conversation you don’t know about

Looking shaggy is not helpful in your quest to attract men or women in your league.  If you’re waiting until it’s an absolute hair-mergency before you get a cut, you’ve already missed a lot of good first impression opportunities.

Schedule regular appointments with your stylist. Reschedule your next appointment before leaving the salon. 

Women, what is your makeup saying?  Wearing too much or too little makeup is not helping you win the war on loneliness.  Visit a makeup counter, talk to your stylist or make an appointment with a makeup artist. 


5. You’re too available

Don’t be willing to clear your calendar when your crush extends any invitation.  Let them know you’d be delighted to fit them into your already full schedule. 

For example: If they ask you to dinner, but you’d planned to attend a birthday party, don’t skip out. Let them know you have plans, but would be happy to get together after.   


6. You’re trying too hard

Those of you who are guilty of coming on too strong (and you know who you are), your subtlety is more alluring than you might imagine.  Nagging someone about spending time together, or repetitively asking for a date is NOT a winning formula.  It’s hurting your reputation in your social circle.

Learn to take no for an answer and move on to greener pastures.  If your crush declines and you walk away, the distance you’ve created has a better chance of bringing your crush back then persistent nagging. 


7. You’re not trying hard enough

It’s okay to put effort into what you want.  Having a crush on someone, but failing to show it in any real way is killing your chances of sparking a new relationship. 

Give those you’re interested in good, lengthy eye contact, plenty of smiles and some causal touch.   Make it obvious that you’re trying and that your friendly intention might be more.   


8. You’re not looking in your league

If you’re trying to snag dates who possess skills, attributes and looks that are wholly unequal to yours, chances are you might be ignored or that you’ll feel inadequate most the time you’re with them. 

Look for matches whose qualities are equivalent to your own.  You’ll take comfort knowing it’s okay to be yourself.

If dating up is your goal, get anxiously engaged in acquiring the skills and attributes of those you’re interested in.  Setting and reaching new goals will do a lot for your confidence and might help to get the attention of your top prospects. 

The LDS Matchmaker team helps singles identify and overcome specific barriers every day.  If you’re ready to take an introspective look at your dating approach and want real insights and action plans schedule a dating strategy session here.  

The LDS Matchmaker has a staff full of professionals ranging from Dating Strategists, to Makeup Artists, Image Stylists, and Online Dating Experts, who are anxious to meet you.  If you have questions about how we can help you email us at info@ldsmatchmakerorg.

Meet the love of your life at General Conference

General Conference weekend is inspiring for everyone, but for singles it means more than just spiritual nourishment; it’s a conglomeration of the dating pool and an opportunity to meet faith-centered men or women. 

Here’s five creative ways YOU could find the love of your life during General Conference weekend. 

1.     Go alone to the conference center.  It may sound strange, but showing up alone allows you to sit anywhere.  Put yourself next to (or near) a person you find attractive. Before you sit, scan for wedding rings or obvious signs of commitment.  Double your chances of meeting someone by filling a seat gap and having people on both sides.

If you end up next to a married person, don’t worry.  Work into a conversation that you’re trying to meet faith-centered people and hoped this would be a good opportunity.  Chances are they have a single friend they could introduce you to.  Married couples are highly motivated to match make their friends.

Don’t have a ticket?  Don’t worry.  Call your Bishop or put a plea out to your friends on facebook.  One ticket should be an easy score.  If you can’t find one, don’t fret.  Hit up the standby line and enjoy another opportunity to meet likeminded singles, just choose your line carefully. 


2.     Throw a Priesthood session after-party.  Who could resist a goodtime after-party on Saturday night?  Make it an ice cream social, minute-to-win-it extravaganza, dance party, karaoke night, etc.

Send the invitation to your social media friends asking them to invite one other friend or relative of the opposite sex (preferable someone you don’t know). Have a sign-in at the door so you can friend interesting prospects on social media afterward. 

Often the love of your life is only two degrees of separation from you.  Even if your future spouse doesn’t come, meeting his or her friend is very useful!


3.     Administer a dating survey.  By yourself or with friends, create a short LDS dating survey.  Make your questionnaire a short screener to see if participants might be a match for you or a friend. 

Be near the grounds of the Conference Center when the Conference (or Priesthood session) lets out.  Approach people who you think would make a great date for you or one of your friends. Introduce yourself and ask them to take the survey. 

Sample questions ideas include: personality type, silly LDS pop culture, past relationship or ideal date related questions. Be sure to ask name, age, marital status and contact info.

If they answer to your satisfaction make the final question include an invitation for a milkshake, smoothie or an introduction to a friend.


4.     Host a +1 conference viewing buffet.  Send an invite to your friends on social media for a conference viewing buffet where each invited guest brings a friend or relative of the opposite sex.

This can be a breakfast or lunch buffet. Pot luck is fine if you don’t feel like feeding 25 people yourself.  Collect names and emails offering to send recipes for those interested.  Use that info to connect with interesting singles after your gathering.

Spending several hours together being fed physically and spiritually is a great way to widen social circles and get know new people.  


5.     Utilize Bold Eye Contact. If a faith-centered person is tops on your list, a General Conference session is a pretty great place to meet someone who values faith in their life.  Be on the grounds of Temple Square or the Conference Center during any or all sessions. 

Make bold eye contact with those who are attractive to you.  Don’t be afraid to let your look linger a bit longer into a smile or even a coy wink.  Send a strong non-verbal invitation to approach and let the spirit direct from there. 

“Chance” meetings can and do happen.  Online dating is very effective at helping people meet, but it’s NOT making ALL the matches these days.  Never underestimate the power of being in the right place at the right time.

Tune in to KSL Radio to hear The LDS Matchmaker Team with Amy Iverson answering your questions between conference sessions this weekend!   

About the author:  Kristin Sokol is the Director of Online Dating Strategy for The LDS Matchmaker.  She’s also a published author and contributor for KSL and the Deseret Digital Media family. She’s made many guest appearances on KSL Radio and TV.  Kristin met her awesome husband Steve as a result of Online dating more than a decade ago. Together they have two beautiful daughters.  

Five ways to find luck on your next first date (even if you're not Irish)

Trying to make a lucky connection on a first date? The Irish aren’t the only ones interested in getting kissed on St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are FIVE simple strategies that will improve your first date tonight or any time after. 

1.     Control the length of the date. Experts say a first date should be short.   About 45 minutes is long enough to decide if you like the guy or gal.  Make the law of supply and demand work for you.  Keep it brief even if you’re having a great time.

2.     Sit next to your date. If you’re eating together, take a seat beside each other instead of across the table.  It might feel strange at first, but removing physical barriers like tables make it more likely that you’ll engage in casual, social-type touching. Touch is electric and your date is far more likely to feel a spark without physical barriers.

3.     Skip the eats and opt for activity.  Instead of spending the majority of your time together chewing, fill your mouth with conversation while you engage in some kind of activity. 

Head to the park and swing together.  Take a walk. Play a simple game like Frisbee.  Even sitting together on a public bench can be a great place to make observations and discuss the world around you.

4.     Know your lines.  Like any interview or important introduction, decide ahead of time what you’d like to say.  Being prepared with ideas helps you be confident and collected during your conversation. 

It’s also a good idea to come prepared with a few questions or conversation starters if the exchange starts to lag.  Keeping the banter going helps both of you stay relaxed.

5.     Make HER feel comfortable.  Make HIM feel interesting/useful.  Women are more likely to accept a second date if they felt comfortable and didn’t worry about details while they were with him. Be proactive about paying the bill, opening doors and leading conversations when they lag. 

Men know they’re interesting when his date smiles, laughs, or touches him lightly on the arm periodically.  They feel useful when she asks for insight about something he’s good at.  These kinds of positive reinforcements make him far more likely to want more time with her.

The Irish aren’t always just lucky, you know... Implementing new ideas can change your luck fast when it comes to finding a connection with someone who might be the love of your life!

The LDS Matchmaker wishes all singles the best of luck making new connections this St. Patrick’s Day.  For strategies and programs proven to turn bad luck into lasting love, consider setting up a strategy session with one of our experts.  Your next first kiss might just be one new strategy away.

Schedule a private consultation here or contact us for information:

(801) 495-1000 or

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About the author:  Kristin Sokol is the Director of Online Dating Strategy for The LDS Matchmaker.  She’s also a published author and contributor for KSL and the Deseret Digital Media family. She’s made many guest appearances on KSL Radio and TV.  Kristin met her awesome husband Steve as a result of Online dating more than a decade ago. Together they have two beautiful daughters.  




Is Valentine’s Day more like Single Awareness Day? – How to make sure this is your last!

When you’re single, Valentine’s Day sometimes feels more like Single Awareness Day.  There are a few things that you can do TODAY to make sure this is your last Single Awareness Day ever.  

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing you’ve always done expecting different results.  

If you want to be in a committed relationship next Valentine’s Day here’s FIVE different things you can do to shake up and improve your dating results. 

Get new photos

In this social media age, your photos are working for or against you every minute.  Hiring a professional photographer to refresh your photos on Facebook, LinkedIn and your online dating accounts is an easy way to get noticed.   

Have an Online Dating Makeover

Did you know more than a third of the marriages in the United States after 2012 are the result of online dating?  If you don’t have an account, it’s time to get out of your own way and join the party.  

Having an opportunity to see and screen the opposite sex before you meet is an easy way to generate new conversations leading to dates, relationships and marriage. 

If you have an online dating account, look at it and determine if it’s working.  Here’s three ways to stand out online.  

  • Flirt up your greeting. A good greeting contains light, friendly content that invites likeminded matches to ask or comment about.  Keeping your greeting to 300-400 words provides just the right amount of content without being too lengthy. 
  • Check your stats.  Look at the way you answered the questions about height, weight, occupation etc.  Keep in mind that these are for filtering and searching purposes.  Make sure you’ve answered the questions in a way that would include you in as many search results as possible. 
  • Update your photos.  Most people use mediocre selfies and snapshots.  If you have a great professional photo, your presence will jump out and get clicks.    


Get a dating mentor

Enlist a friend or family member to take you to task on your relationship goals.  Ask them to be your dating mentor.  Have regular check-in’s to discuss dating strategies and experiences you’re having. Having someone else involved helps you stay motivated. 

Manage your digital footprint

When’s the last time you’ve Googled yourself?  What pops up?  Is it flattering?  If not, fix it.  Routinely managing your social media accounts, removing unflattering photos, tags or ideas you’re associated with is important to giving a good impression online. 

Create a dating Vision Board

Let the Law of Attraction work for you. Decide which characteristics in the opposite sex are most important and where you’d like to be in a year. Write it down or find images that represent your ideas.  Place the ideas and images in a journal or on a board that you can see and refer to often. Speaking and thinking positively about your goals will bring positive opportunities into your life.   

The LDS Matchmaker team has a proven record helping hundreds of singles just like you take advantage of new opportunities in attracting a match. If your past dating method isn’t working contact The LDS Matchmaker by phone at 801-495-1000, by email at or schedule your Dating Strategy session here

About the author:  Kristin Sokol is the Director of Online Dating Strategy for The LDS Matchmaker.  She’s also a published author and contributor for KSL and the Deseret Digital Media family. She’s made many guest appearances on KSL Radio and TV.  Kristin met her awesome husband Steve as a result of Online dating more than a decade ago. Together they have two beautiful daughters.